Alice Madness Returns 
Alice The Madness Returns Download is a psychological horror motion journey sport. It is evolved beneath the banner of highly spiced horse for microsoft home windows. It become released on 16th june 2011 and electronic arts posted this game. This sport is a sequel to 2000’s video game alice. You may also download blinding darkish.
After the activities of first game alice now blames herself for the hearth that killed her circle of relatives and her residence. She then escapes into a awful version of wonderland wherein everything may be very different from the fairytale of wonderland. She became able to get out of that world. Now it's far the year 1875 whilstAlice The Madness Returns Download takes place as she lives in an orphanage in london. She lives with health practitioner angus bumby who's a psychiatrist and uses hypnotism to treatment the kids. After someday alice has a hallucination and he or she thinks of herself to be in wonderland again. There she reveals many new matters and characters of wonderland. And a whole new tale comes into being so one can be charming as well as terrible. Lucius is any other adventure and horror sport that you could down load.Alice The Madness Returns Download