Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Game is an action adventure video game developed by EA Bright light and is published by Electronic Arts. This game has been based on the world acclaimed book and movie with the same title. This game Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is much different from the previous releases of Harry potter series games. The developers has sensed the growing adult audience of the game and decided to bring some changes in the game. You can also download Harry Potter PC Game.

The character of Harry Potter can be controlled by the player as a third person and is being played in the style of third person shooter. The player can change the spell by using the spell wheel. These spells have a direct impact on the enemies as well as the environment as the player will be able to throw different objects on the other players to clear the path. The Confundo spell will able the enemies to fight for the players. In this game head shot are also enabled with this the player can control Harry to aim at the heads of the enemies