War Chess 3D Game is developed by Targem Games and presented by TopWare Interactive. War Chess 3D Game is the game based on the simple rules of chess. First what you have to learn is to get the idea of the characters. Then you have to just simply play chess. War Chess 3D Game is a lot different from any other game. Because in this one there are some real characters who will be waiting for your move. One you will move your opponent then they will move in a very interesting way and will challenge the opponent. There are a lot of other features in War Chess 3D Game which makes it more interesting are the unique characters and their positions. The more you will play the more you will get addicted. There is another game with the similar idea and concept which you will love to play is called baldurs gate 2. Once you will play it you will also get to know the hidden features that you will earn after every good moves. These rewards will help you further and there is another game that you will love to play is called AntiChamber PC Game.