Dino Crisis 2 is Action, controlled with Tank Controls - I actually haven't found anything solid as to why the game changed genre's. My assumption is at the time they wanted to distance the series from just being seen as a Resident Evil clone. - Backgrounds in Dino Crisis 2 are pre-rendered. - Unlike Dino Crisis 2, running and gunning is the main focus of DC2. Enemies respawn in areas, however ammo is plentiful. - DC2 also introduces a combo and point system, The higher the combo the more points. Points which are then used to buy ammo, new weapons, and other items. - You now have a melee weapon in case you do run out of ammo. It is also used to access new areas. - Puzzles are few and far between in DC2 unlike Dino Crisis 2 which features them throughout.

System Requirements Dino Crisis 2!

 Windows Xp,98,Vista,7
Ram:32 Mb
Cpu: 266 Mb
Video Memory: 16 MB

Installation Method

  1. Unrar the setup 
  2. Install From Setup.exe
  3. Place The Crack File In the install folder
  4. And Play the game

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